Several Pictures sets from my adventures in China and the USA

Miss Burger King China - November, 2010

My going had nothing to do with women showing off their bodies and talents I was just there for the free beer and the big macs. Really! - I have my priorities

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Company Trip - September, 2010

In September of 2010 I accompanied the TopNotch staff on our trip to go Rafting in a place who's name I just can't seem to remember! Enjoy :)

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Macao Trip - September, 2010

Tried my luck in Macao in September of 2010. We thought we were getting lucky with landing cheap tickets for a Sunday trip - turned out they were cheap for a reason >.< !

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Nico's Birthday - July, 2010-7

Mixing up the generations at Nico's Birthday party at the Bierhaus in Shekou Shenzhen. Good German food and plenty of new faces to link up with. Thanks to Nico and the German folk of Shekou for making this happen!

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Proof of Fat - July, 2010

Just verifying that I am indeed still a fatty - sorta - stop looking weirdo.. sheesh

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Laurent's Birthday Party - June, 2010

Happy Birthday Laurent! I celebrated Larent's birthday with him and his friends at Shenzhen's very own Esperanto in Futian's Coco Park

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A Dip in the Pool - May, 2010

We had an underwater camera - would have a been a shame not to use it right?

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Ancesteral Home Town - Zhao Qing -May, 2010-5-zhao-qing

Went back to my ancestral hometown to take in the country air, touch base with a many extended family member and eat freshly murdered farm animals. I especially enjoyed the animals

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TopNotch Farewell Party - May, 2010

To send off Sophie, Luna, and Bob we held a small dinner near our office to wish them well and fill our tummies

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Uncle Sunny Visiting - April, 2010

Uncle Sunny visited my father and I in China so of course photographs were required. Feel free to peruse the results if your so inclined!

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A Ruby Tuesday Collosal Burger in Hong Kong - April, 2010

It was a perfectly legitimate reason to take a few pictures. I had been missing my meat for a while - don't read into that....

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Tomb Sweeping - April, 2010

It's customary every year here in China to visit the grave sites of your ancestors and pay your respects with 3 bows and lots of incense. Mind the "s" in sites - I don't know any small Chinese families :)

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Jiang Xi Trip - March, 2010

So in March of 2010 I ventured out to Jiang Xi - for reasons similar to boredom and bordering on curiosity. I went with a small group of friends and it proved a well rounded experience

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Pappy's Birthday - March, 2010

A few photos from a small time birthday party I sprung on my father. I also got the pink cake and the silly print out - hand designed card - seemed to do the trick. :)

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Green Green World BBQ - Februrary, 2010

Several of my friends who also were quite keen on putting together parties at the time organized this awesome little BBQ. Unfortunately it rained and I had to leave early but still a great time!

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Chinese New Year Company Dinner - February 2010

A Small but nonetheless drunken party of close friends and coworkers gathering around a big table for Chinese New Year. Mike Michelini was there too!

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My Old Apartment - January, 2010

A few photos from my old Apartment in Nanshan, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. Want the address? You'll have to try a little harder than that!

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KTV & BBQ - A Chines Corner Event - January, 2010

Quite an Event I held with the help of Viola and some other friends. KTV and BBQ by Chinese Corner - who can complain with that festive combination. I have 500+ pictures backing up my argument!

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A Visit to QVOD's Office - January, 2010

Everyone needs a token white guy - or in my case a token ABC in their office from time to time. It helps you prove to your superiors your successful - regardless of what your responsibilities are. Here I am doing my part for my good friend Warren

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Christmas - 2009

Ho Ho Ho - Merry Lobster X-mas. On my trip back to the US this year my family and I went to Maine to try our luck at arctic tundra exploration. We enjoyed varying levels of success... and lobsters

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