Getting Caught in the Rain

Was listening to Rupert Holmes’ “Escape” today and the line “getting caught in the rain” found itself stuck in my head. I got to wondering why it is I like getting caught in the rain.

If I stop to think about it I imagine my excitement and happiness comes initally from the break it provides me from the humdrum of my daily life. Even when it’s a bother it also provides a common experience, an event from which we might derive a means to connect with someone we normally wouldn’t be able to. One of the benefits of heavy drinking without the hangover. I’ve found no greater inlet to a real connection than realizing an identical realities existence in another. Wow – I’m actually not alone! When we’re all served the same experience opportunity arrises to see a glimpse of those around us in their coping with the occurance. I like that.

Beyond that, on a more humanistic level, I believe I enjoy getting caught in the rain because it reminds us we’re part of the natural world. This is more pronounced in events of extreme weather – which I enjoy equally if not more. Your forced, by the awesome and undeniable expression of natures’ forces to come back down to earth. It’s not hard these days to dwell in a world entirely of our creation outside of the laws of the environment that spawned us. I believe that’s a crime against our own nature. I find it comforting to be reminded of place and my relative degree of insignificance – of my smallness. We’re all in the same boat, and egos aside that’s ok, I believe that’s how it’s supposed to be.

Also, on a more personal note, I believe I enjoy focusing on rain and getting caught in other natural events because much of who I am is out of alignment with the priorities and realities of the world we have created for ourselves. I’m a relationship man, family first, connections are what matter to me, not as a means but as an end. There is no greater return in meaning that I’ve extracted from life than when I recognize a meaningful connection with another and when I’m able to assist in bringing about a meaningful positive change for them. The realities of this world make it difficult to simply develop this skill and make ends meet.

The rules of nature are undeniable for those living under them, I believe we were designed to live similarly. Having created a space outside of those realities leaves us unsure and confused. I can feel it in myself and in many around me – despite resiliance and an amazing ability to cope. Despite my love for all things electronic and all that technology has given us I find it hard to argue that we wouldn’t be happier, healthier, more fulfilled and satisfied creatures living a simple life on the land that bore us adhereing to the laws all other creatures of this world are bound to.

  • Wendy

    i like rain. and i like you. let’s beach rain it =)

  • David Ho

    how about beach fondue :)