A Little Release

Not very productive today – got about 2-4 hours of good work done the rest of the time was spent watching movies or following distracting tangents for lack of interest in the meat of what needs to be done today.

I believe there are a number of factors contributing for my disinterest in focusing on what I want to be doing right now. Firstly, as I’ve already recorded recently, I’m yet again strewn across too many things – the challenges of a single endeavor are more easily surmounted than those of multiple endeavors. Duh.

Then there is exercise – I know when I work out it’s much more easier for me to focus, easier for me to really zone in and get a lot done. I’ve been cutting that time out of my day – trying to get as many working hours logged as I can. My diet also suffers – I really need to stop doing this to myself.

I suppose not giving myself time to play isn’t really helping. I allow myself some play time with women (gee that doesn’t sound demeaning!), an x-file episode here or there, and a movie every 2-3 days – that’s about it. Everything else is business or work related. I continue to neglect myself in pursuit of a goal that I believe will allow me unlimited time to tend to myself, the relationships I cherish, and the endeavors I’m truly passionate about.

I’ve written it down in my head – I owe it to myself to write it down. I want to retire by the time I’m 35. If I get there by 40 I’ll still be pretty happy but I’m gunning for 35. I have a number that goes with that. It looks like a 10 with 6 zero’s after it – you do the math.

The more experience I gather, the bigger my network grows, the closer I get, the easier and more realizable I feel it becoming. I should map it out – another task I’ve neglected due to overextension and probably fear. Again I see myself standing in my way. I should draw out a loose plan to that goal – I should think through and plan out my current endeavors – I need each of my businesses to have clear directions, objectives, milestones, and intended courses of action at stepping stones along the way to success.

Running through the tasks (DOING my business) I need to complete in my head I can book myself solid for another 2 weeks solid. That is not including the more complex tasks like planning out my businesses and taking time to align my personal/business goals with the direction I’m moving, the decisions I’m making, how I’m spending my time (RUNNING and GROWING my Business).

It’s so difficult to stay focused here – I commented to a recent interviewee – a recent graduate from North America. Every now and again an opportunity arises of great magnitude. A golden opportunity. Unfortunately that new opportunity always requires time and resources you currently have tied up in order to properly capture it. As a self-sufficient entrepreneur I’m not exactly sitting on my ass twiddling my thumbs when these opportunites arise – the conundrum isn’t hard to spot.

I have a brand, a registered business, and a network consisting of clients, prospects, friends, and trusted resources that know me for that service based business. We deliver websites and online marketing solutions (just getting that going!) to the foreign community of Shenzhen. Long term goals include expansion into other cities in china heavily populated with foreigners, a gradual shift into online marketing and more complex solutions, as well as attacking the domestic market in a niched fashion. I’m testing the waters with a few potential partners with mixed results with intentions to legitamize with investment and contractual agreements between experience proven partners + perhaps opening another entity near the end of this year.

Despite my neglect of that business it runs – albeit less than efficiently. I’m known for this in this community – I don’t want to give that up. It is not a bad business – a normal project can range from 7-40k rmb running anywhere from 2weeks to 3months. The real long term value is getting my foot in the door with small business owners in the area. I aim to be the “guy” (and eventually the “company”) my clients turn to when it comes to dealing with the online world. When they grow to the point that they ought to be seriously investing in their online marketing or otherwise taking advantage of the internet in more complex fashions – I’m standing right there. I have the relationship, I’ve proven myself trustworthy and competant, and I’m usually already holding the solution in my hands as well.

I’m also engaged in a new partnership with a relatively new relationship. The newness of the relationship is being mitigated by limiting the complexity of the partnership and agreeing to terms that significantly reduce the risk for both of us. I’m investing a little bit of money and a good deal of time managing and scaling marketing operations for the new endeavor. In brief that requires hiring a couple data-entry type employees, deriving a solid and efficient process for the tasks involved, as well as spending time to troubleshoot the overall effectivness of the campaign (Biz Development anyone). Due to issues pertaining to my web business I’ve been able to put in about half as much time into this in the past 3 weeks as I wanted. Down to about 25% of my time from the originally intended 50%.

I’m dissatisfied with my progress up to this point – I wanted to have a couple staff coming in Monday to begin training, it looks like that won’t happen until Tuesday at the earliest. I also wanted to be a bit more prepared and settled in with the processes I need for the new hires as well as a training schedule. I’m also behind on a key KPI that I wanted to have at a higher level by this point. I’ll deal, at the end of the day what’s most important in all this to me, in line with my business strategy, is the relationship points I gain with my new partner.

Lastly, a new player on my plate – a players who’s particulars have me pupils dialating in consideration of it’s potential – is a web based business opportunity. Related to my web business, in that the business is largely revolving around a website, I can easily draw lines and fill in many of the blanks with what I’m already doing, and the resources I’ve acquired. I could ask for no better partner in the endeavor should I undertake it, trust is not an issue, his relevant expertise is probably 2nd to none. There are many questions that need answered but the basis seem very solid.

However, again, I’m hammered already – I don’t have enough time to deal with the main dishes on my plate already. I can’t eat a 16oz steak, a double decker cheeseburger with 10oz patties and all the fixings, and a full plate of Chicken Marsala all in one sitting – even if I love them all. Just like an overeating session the benefits and pleasures associated with trying to surmount all 3 of these opportunites at the same time would leave me throwing up in the bathroom – figurtively speaking. Currently I’m trying to manage a 2/3 portion of two entrees – my system is strained quite enough already thank you very much!

  • http://blog.michaelmichelini.com Michael Michelini

    yea dude…….in a way i think we should be blessed that we have many opportunities to choose from…..but especially in booming China there are so many choices……..

    I also think we are too nice of guys…..we gotta say no and stick to our guns and JUST SAY NO!