Tron:Legacy – A Movie Review

having just watched the movie for a second time I wanted to take a moment to reflect upon my impression

Let me first qualify – I know little about how one ought to evaluate a film or the standards by which the industry sees fit to rate them. I should also note that I’m a self-proclaimed nerd of a lesser degree. Lastly, I have a tendency to be easily moved by depictions of emotional struggle in the relationship between father and son. Let no one say I’ve disregarded my bias in this evaluation!

That out of the way I have to say the movie was a 4 out of 5 stars for me. Though I wasn’t swept off my feet by the plot I felt the visuals and some solid acting made up for what the story lacked. The music was also notably well done and on par – bringing together the style and emotion of the film accentuating it where necessary.

About the acting, again take into account my susceptibility to depictions of troubled father/son relationship noted above, I was moved in the scene where Sam and Quorra are “beaming” back up to the real world. The emotions depicted by Jeff Bridges and Garrett Hedlund (Jeff in particular) serviced me well. I had to catch myself after wiping away a few drops of excess fluid from my eyes. The intensity of an emotion foreign to no son of a father – the desperate fear of losing someone so dear to you – the loss and ache, then acceptance, and for a moment, for redemption, for love, to save the one closest to you – an unshakable and righteous resolve to see what is right done. The emotions depicted by Jeff’s character in that scene captivated me. Well done good sir – well done.

You’ll have little room for complaint about the visuals – outside of the 2d/3d argument I’ve seen in passing. I suppose that is the where the extent of my geekiness ends – I have no real beef with the film delving into the 3rd dimension. The eye candy presented by this film are nothing less than spectacular in my opinion – capable of captivation in and of themselves. I couldn’t ask for more – I was quite entertained in that regard. If you have the chance check it out in 3d it’s even more breath taking.

The music I didn’t acknowledge or properly weigh until the credits were rolling – I suppose that is a testament to how naturally it seemed to fit with the context of each scene and moment in the film. Techy, broad and enveloping a times, epic as required. The audio track that accompanies this film accentuate and emphasis perfectly (I never use that word in public!). Those of you that have been pushed over the edge wherein a film is allowed to emotionally engage you will find such a sensation readily available here. You may crack a smile at this – Daft Punk played the role of the DJ’s in Zeus’s club – very appropriate!

All and all a film I happily spent my time viewing, and I’m sure I’ll see it several times more before my time on this orb is complete.


  • Bryon Bella

    I just noticed a joke in the script when Kevin says “head
    toward the light Quorra” which is a reference to Poltergeist. I love when the ship is moving up making the
    double helix shape then Tron decides to sacrifice himself to save the “users.” I figured that the guy who was so skilled was
    Tron since Clue couldn’t have created something that advanced. I watched it in
    HD 1080p, the same as Blu-ray with my DISH Network HD receiver on VOD. I love how the picture looks on my 82” TV because
    anything less than HD is not worth it; plus I get my HD free for life as a
    qualifying customer with a top package.