Looking Tough


Sitting in the middle of a … Well I wouldn’t say heated, but a above Luke warm meeting wherein my primary duty is to look tough. The situation runs along the lines of

Party A: represented by my female cousin (the apitomy of unintimidating – unless your afraid of inconsequential chatter about the lesser aspects of life) – and myself are the current leasee’s of a unit getting bullied into paying higher rent.

Party B represented by the relatively harmless, though perhaps less than honorable in intent, older gentleman to my right is arguing a case for higher rent.

So far it’s been uneventful. No yelling, no raised voices. I’m beginning to doubt my cousins insistence of my presence here – where is all the yelling and desk slapping my mere presence is supposed to protect her from. I don’t consider my 66kg soccer build frame to be intimidating – not by a long run. Then again the mediator across the table looks around 55kg and has a few inches in height on me – eat properly damn you! and as I wrote the older gentleman presented nothing concerning. It would appear I am the dominant prowess in the room :-)

Being in this situation makes me think of rent a white guy.com. For those of you unaware it’s a website wherein local chinese companies can rent foreigners – much like a prized horse or dog – which is more or less the capacity to which they are utilized. Come, stand, look good, speak some English? Perhaps, good foreigner – thanks for the face.

I usually avoid situations wherein I would be used in that fashion. Many I avoid simply by looking chinese (ah ha an advantage!) while others require my active denial to avoid. No I’m not interested in waving and smiling like an idiot for your trading companies cheesy commercial wherein you butcher any snippet of English they attempt to incorporate. I do actually – believe it or not! – have worthwhile things I have to do.

Meetings concluding – looks like no fist fighting will come of this. Until next time!

  • http://blog.michaelmichelini.com Michael Michelini

     so what happened?  did the rent go up or not??  you can rent me as a white guy, haha