Starbucks and China Mobile sitting in a tree.
K I S S….I N G

add a few musical notes above and it will make sense :)

Starbucks in Shenzhen

There has been a disturbance in the force lately, and by the force I refer to the wireless connection available in all starbucks across Shenzhen – for those of you that are unaware Starbucks recently signed an agreement of sorts with China Mobile allowing the domestic cell service giant to supply all Starbucks in the area with wifi service.

If you’ve been down and tried to connect to the internet at your friendly neighborhood starbucks in the last several weeks you’ll know why I refer to the change as a disturbance.

Getting online now requires you to submit your phone number and input the username and password supplied to you in a text you receive from big brother china mobile into your browser before your allowed entry to the world wide web. A cumbersome process that rewards you with an even less desireable prize – epically slow internet.

I’ve tested it in several locations with equal degrees of dismay, “well..,” I thought, “at least I can use the same password and username next time I’m here.” This was before I scrolled down to the bottom of their documentation page for the service wherein it clearly stated that each username/password pair would expire at precisely 4:00am every night – enjoy getting a new username/password each time you visit a new location! – I may have added that last bit.

So for those of you that actually need to get anything done on the internet, besites waiting patiently for webpages to load, whilst at starbucks in the near future I would recommend relying on your own faithful 3g usb wireless modem or stealing one from your neighbor – don’t tell your mom if you choose the latter ;) .

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