How Big is Social Media in Asia?

Take a look at this video I found surfing around today – awesome and on point – this is what I’m talking about everyday when people inquire about social media and what to do about it! It’s legitamite, it’s real, and it’s here to stay, your not going to be able to get away with being a spectator for long – even here in China! Anyway have a look I thought it was good :)

If your in China and can’t access youtube (thanks GFWC!) please take a look at my “How to access Facebook in China” post – or if your exceedingly lazy you can directly download freegate :) – just unzip it on your desktop – double click and you should be good to go if your using IE or Chrome – if your using Firefox you’ll need to add the proxy to the plug in your using. No worries though if your using FF your probably smart enough to know how to do that all by yourself :) .

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  • mike michelini

    cool man, haha, yes damn the GFW!!!!!!!!!!!! they are holding down their own people from marketing to the world!

  • David

    I know right! Where’s a good hacker when you need one – wonder if you could cyber nuke the machines at the border – I’d have to put together a pretty water tight exit strategy for him though :p – I doubt he’d ever see the inside of a court room if he got caught here :)