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A free-association piece inspired after reading this article about “Freeconomics” on the Wired Blog. Simply awesome article in my opinion – if your a young entrepreneurial type person, or have an interest in the turning tides of technology and their implications for the web and beyond – have at it!! Even if you don’t I’d still recommend giving it a read :) . I really should get paid for this….. well… that’s another entry all together…

This is awesome, it reminds me that what I’m trying to accomplish – or more importantly the method I’m trying to accomplish my goals in life with is right. It’s in the little things. Checking off a box in a member registration form for a free forum after actually READING the text about whether or not you’d like to receive X, Y, or Z notification. Caring and spending time considering what someone is saying because it’s clear they are are real, genuine, and offering something of value or interest with no strings attached. It’s about creating a relationship such that people are truly, genuinely interested in what you have to say, what your about, and eventually – in good time – what your selling.

Your selling yourself everyday – get used to it, everyday is another opportunity to generate leads that will eventually become prospects that will one day buy… YOU! The specific product/service is of little importance, it’s all about building relationships. I think in that way the prevailing forces at play today are forcing marketers and business people everywhere to look at their marketing models differently – more like a good sales person ought to look at their portfolio of prospects. “How can I develop my relationship with current customers and prospects?” “How can I make meaningful contributions to their lives/business such that they will in turn trust me more?”

I read “Never Eat Alone” last month and a line comes to mind… “Wealth, Health, and Children,” can’t remember who the author was talking to when he got this response but it left a mark in my mind. If your looking to build a lasting relationship with someone – these are the spaces you need to offer value. Help them build their business, help them be successful, help them take care of themselves and their body, help them out in some way with their little ones. These are the gestures and favors that leave an impression – they build a strong foundation and foster an environment of natural goodwill towards one another.

Once you have a relationship based on mutual interest – fueled by a never ending, unassuming stream of meaningful value additions going both ways you don’t have to sell them anything. It’s prequalification – your in, your good, if you say its the way to go and he doesn’t know any better he’ll take your word for it. The money’s on the table before you’ve even finished your sentence. I want to take it a step further – when the relationship is there and the pieces line up I take it upon myself to assume the position of the prospect and close. For instance I’ll be upfront and frank and say something like “just give me the money – you know it’s the right way to go,” or if an objection gingerly arises I’ll roll my eyes and assert my position even more passionately.

I’ve found that many times these objections are simply a habit born out of being screwed over time and time again – such that when the right situation arises with the right person and everything lines up they habitually hesitate. My perspective on how to handle this when you know your relationship is solid is pretty much to slap them in the face with it. I look at it as them standing in the way of themselves and their own success – that’s how I motivate myself to take such action. “Just sign the damn paper”… which translates into something like “you trust me, we both know this fits, I’ll take care of you if their are any problems, I know you know I care a lot about you and your business and would go out of my way to keep you happy because I know you’d do the same for me” sort of :) .

My future, my success will be born of community, customization, conversation and co-creation – Thank you “80 Minute MBA” – it’s the future of marketing as far as I’m concerned. I love it, I think I’m built for it, I love people – making things happen – putting the pieces together – adding unconditionally to my fellow human beings success – and being appreciated for what I do. I will rise or fall through my relationships as any good S/M professional ought to.

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