A Short Taoism Rant

Taoism Rant by an ABC in China

All the Buddhas of all the ages have been telling you a very simple fact: Be – don’t try to become. Within these two words, be and becoming, your whole life is contained. Being is enlightenment, becoming is ignorance.

I can’t remember when but at one point I began realizing how true this notion is. I often thought about it in terms of confidence – good and bad types – fake and real types. A person who is simply being has attained a level of peace with themselves that nothing can shatter – he has true confidence – he is unlimited. I wish our lives afforded us more time, and put greater value on, knowledge of self and emotional well-being. The lives we live now are in some ways a crime against our natural inclinations as human beings – a crime against our natural happiness – at least in my opinion.

Think about it, what does it mean to ‘be’ as opposed to be in the process of becoming. One is satisfaction and clarity the other is confusion and desire. Finding yourself, believing in yourself, loving yourself unconditionally and without expectation will bring you to terms with your be’ing’. I don’t think anyone ever really attains a meaningful measure of success without having attained an experience-ground level of comfort with themselves. Failure to arrive at true confidence and peace with one’s form, flaws, and strengths will leave any accomplishment lacking in the eye of the achiever. Even if he is unaware of it consciously.

There isn’t a significant sphere of existence that would not be dramatically improved by attaining a state of being over one of becoming. How many failed relationships have we all seen resulting from one party simply being unable to come to terms with who they are. Too immature, afraid, sensitive, lost and/or confused. How much of our communications are wasted breath – words said only for the benefit of the speakers insecurities. Those that are really bad and I have a proper level of social capital with I confront by simply pointing out in some clever fashion that the conversation would be just as, if not more effective performed in front of a mirror.

I could go on and on about this – as if you couldn’t already tell :) . If you have interest in these types of philosophical things I highly encourage you to start at the Taoism Wikipedia page and spend a couple hours familiarizing yourself with the teachings of Daoism. I should “make” some time to study up on this – god knows if I don’t actively plan it out it will never happen.

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