Don’t Buy Luggage from Dongmen

Dongmen Luggage

What’s Dongmen (chinese)

Now for those of you that don’t know Dongmen is somewhat of a famous area in Shenzhen. Allow wikipedia to express itself: ne of the oldest parts of Shenzhen, the Dongmen area was established about 300 years ago, leading it to be alternatively known as “Laojie” (or “Old Street”).
The variety of shopping in Dongmen is wider than Luohu Commercial City, but has a similar focus on Chinese-made and counterfeit goods. Beauty parlor services are very popular in Dongmen and the department store Maoye has locations on both ends of the road. Despite being limited to pedestrian traffic, Dongmen can become very crowded on nights, weekends, and holidays, giving it a similar feel to Nanjing Road in Shanghai. Suffice to say it’s a hot spot for everything and anything fake especially clothing items – you purchase by weight not by peice. Now back to the bag!

True Quality Revealed

Granted I expected little of a 100RMB bag but what I got was even worse than those already lowered expectations. Before I even left Hong Kong the bag had already lost one of the two feet designed to allow the bag to stand upright on it’s own. The rubber handles attached to the case also smelled chemically. Upon arrival at New York City (JFK) the 2nd foot had also been lost, two zipper tabs were broken off and the telescopic handle mount had come off. That’s the peice that houses the top of the telescopic roller handle thingy. This made the handle unstable when extended but proved a mute point when the entire upper part of the handle popped out of the bottom spitting a ball bearing onto the floor outside of baggage claim an hour or so later.

This morning after pushing the bag around akwardly using the top rubber handle mounted to the case – my lower back! – the rubber handle broke off on the way down some stairs. I managed to catch the bag before it did it’s impression of a slinky the rest of the way down the stairwell. Now I was dealing with a bag that had no means of holding outside of supporting it as if it were a box with wheels on one corner. This was even more uncomfortable on my back not to mention I looked like a jackass babying this thing along in the Port Authority Bus Terminal. After I had purchased my bus ticket for MA and moved down to the gate I had about 30 minutes to sit down and managed to fix the telescopic arm enough to make it useable if handled gingerly. I also noted that the main zipper had some portions where the teeth where wider appart when closed – great…. – so far they have held together – the beast sleeps below me in the bus now. I pray it can make it all the way to my house before I burn it in a ritualistic fire which will culminate with me peeing on the ashes.

Moral of the Story

DON’T BUY LUGGAGE FROM DONGMEN!! I think you get the point. If your looking for trouble and adventure (in terms of stress and aggrevation) then you’ve found your golden ticket. However if your a normal human being in need of something sturdy to cart your personal goodies around the world – look elsewhere. Spend a little more on something of decent quality – the savings arn’t worth the hassle. I still have the stench of the chemically rubber handle on my hands now. I’m not kidding about the peeing part of my planned ritual burning. The Chinese do have a good saying for this and it goes something like “You get what you pay for,” so be sure to take a moment and think through any impulses to purchase an insanely cheap peice of luggage in Dongmen… and anywhere in China for that matter. Quality is worth paying for here in my humble opinion.

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