Thieves in China

thieves in china

It’s an all too common occurence in China even today – theft. My last victim this past weekend was my electric scooter. I suppose it was my fault for placing it where the parking lot camera was poorly supported by area lighting. My fault for not having purchased a more massive bike lock from outside of the country (to lesson the chance that thieves have a master key for my lock). My fault for not fighting the guards to let me park the bike closer to the camera and perhaps even auditing their security system to ensure proper coverage of the areas I usually park my bike. Definitely my fault.

That was sarcasm for any of yousguys that didn’t catch it. These thoughts might sound rediculous but if you spend enough time here you may begin to see how real-life practical they are. I’ve lost count of the number of people I know who’ve been thieved of something here. Wallets, bikes, cars, cell phones, purses, pens, books, cats, watches, you name it.

So far I’ve had a bike, a passport, and an electric bike stolen in China. I suppose that’s not too bad considering I’ve been here for almost 2 years….

Anyway back to being angry. I spoke with my office buildings staff (the vehicle was taken outside my office building) and managed to get into the surveillance room where I found to my amazement a rather extensive video surveillance system. After quite a bit of fast forwarding and rewinding we managed to deduce that my ebike was stolen between the hours of 5:41 and 6:10. The end time was established via the gate guard outside who reported when he arrived for his shift around 6pm their was no bike there.

Upon this realization I had a choice to make: call the police and inform them of the theft and lie to most of the questions they would ask about what I’m doing in China and where I live and what have you… this would more than likely result in nothing as even if there was a clear picture of whoever it was in the video locating him would be impossible… I know the western realities of investigation don’t apply here.. OR not call the police and possibly pull out my shotgun and run madly through the building lobby blasting every shady looking chineseman in a futile but satisfying effort to reclaim my lost property…. or at least the dignity it went with. I settled for not calling and signing… ammunition is hard to come by.

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  • Andy C

    Man… I was in Coco park the other night… waiting for a buddy to arrive and a shady guy decided to sit right behind me… although there were many other seats all around. He pretended to be on his phone, talking loudly all the time. Another guy on his phone moved onto the scene and sat a few seats back. I suddenly realised what they were doing and moved to another seat, taking my bags with me. They suddenly both got sheepish… one guy who was pretending to order a drink suddenly didn’t feel thirsty any more… his phone call was much too important… so he slowly began to walk away, talking all the time. Both guys realised I had seen them and that I was now talking to the waitress to didn’t care, and couldn’t do anything anyway. I took out my iphone to take a photo of the guys who decided at that point to make a quick exit. Finally my buddy showed up and I pointed them out… they decided to get out of there. Would have loved to give one of the guys a smack… not much chance of coming out of that encounter better off however. Pretty much sucks.

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