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A Very Informative Video about SEM

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My Take Aways

The statistics pertaining to the industry in the last year are all fine and dandy – if not only moderately useful in that the probably pertain to the US/European SEM industry. The most useful bit I learned pertains to managing untracked revenue gaps. I think this has been my first exposure to micro conversions and the idea of having assists integrated into your valuation of keywords. I mean sure the problem is readily acknowledged by most anyone in the industry – how do you manage situations where the true path to purchase involves offline events or online event streams that cannot be linked – but monetizing the valuation of a keyword not involved in the purchasing click stream is something that has escaped me until now. I need to get my hands involved in clarifying the nuts and bolts of how to handle valuations of assists and I think I’m going to have to play this puppy back a couple times to jot down some other suggestions for closing the gap. Going to toss in a link to Omniture for the great video. Not in a position to buy their precious Search product but I certainly will soak up every bit of info I can and recommend it to parties that may be able to use it. That’s what a self-respecting marketer ought to do I suppose :)

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