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This Saturday – Samba Nights – Grand Opening

I know I know I know – that’s what I keep telling myself. I know I don’t have the time to invest in a completely new endeavor and a completely new business but I’m a 20-something year old American guy who has been presented with the opportunity to be involved in promoting a new bar. How can I say no! I did, and then I did again and yet here I am promoting it and loving it haha… Ok enough with the cognitive dissonance.

This coming Saturday we’ll be opening up our new place with a bang. You can check out the Samba Nights event page on shenzhenstuff. I also set up a Samba Nights facebook page as well as a Samba Nights twitter account. What can I say I’m a social media geek – by profession of course. I’ve been doing my best to spread the word about our bar here are some of the gimmicks/differentiators we’re trying to attract people in with. You think they’re enticing enough?

Mechanical Bull

Come now who doesn’t love a mechanical bull, we can have free riding’s as an opening night promotion and then run regular events and even competitions. Not to mention wet t-shirt / bikini contests from time to time. Yee haw – I’m actually excited to try it out myself – I have an equal degree of excitement in seeing some local cuties bouncing up and down on that wonderous injection molded beast. I wonder if we could generate enough interest to start a league. Bull riding is Brazilian right?

Exclusive Brazilian & Other Alcoholic Beverages

We do have access to people who are interested in bringing their own unique spirits into the Chinese market – we can in turn inform our customers that we have a exotic spread of exclusive drinks that you can only get at our bar. We should make it a regular thing I suppose so as to keep the novelty of that aspect going.

Cheap is Cheap is Cheap

We can be incredibly price competitive. In fact we should be able to underprice anyone in the area due to some arrangement or another that I’m not intimately familiar with. No matter the point is that we can offer the best deal on beer around making us pretty attractive to the strained consumers of our institution of booze and fun.

Hot stuff coming through!

I guess it’s kind of bad, but it is sadly true, most of the successful bars employ some form of sex tactic to drive male traffic into their establishments. All the hot places in HK have arrangements with agencies or other avenues to have exceptionally beautiful women come to their bar. They in turn drive the traffic that generates the income. I don’t think we’ll go so far as to involve females with a questionable agenda, if you know what I mean, but we’re not going to shy away from a pretty face that is interested in serving beers or asking people to come take a look at our bar on the street. It’s bad but it works and we intend to use every tool we have at our disposal to make this bar a success!

The Flyer

samba nights flyer

Ok this isn’t really something that’s making us especially attractive to bar goers but I wanted to stick up the flyer I whipped up last night around 2 or 3am. Make myself feel good about losing sleep over it :)


  • Unlock Wii

    I gotta to say I agree with the majority of what is being said here. I am gonna have to have to snatch the feed so I can keep tabs. on what is going on around here.