Hong Kong ate my Money

expensive hong kong

$ $ $ $

I’ve been stuck in Hong Kong since Wednesday last week and I’ve come to realize just how relatively expensive everything is! Now that I’m accustomed to Chinese pricing I can no longer look at everything relative to the dollar. A pork bun for $6HKD – that’s 5.6RMB – bloody expensive! I could get that for half the price in Shenzhen! WTF! Then I think back to when I first came to Hong Kong so long ago. My mind was incapable of thinking in any currency but US dollars. Everything became priced against what I would pay for the same product or service in the US. Fake goods were dirt cheap – now I see them as expensive dirt. If I want real dirt cheap prices I need to hit the marketplaces around China.

I guess at the end of the day I consider it a good thing – I’ve learned more about the true cost of a product and/or service as I’ve learned more about business. I’ve learned about the influences of price and the driving factors contributing to consumer assessment of value in the marketplace. It allows me to keep my head from popping off when I’m asked to pay $18HKD for a bottle of water at Starbucks that I could easily obtain one store front over for a fraction of the price. Then again 7-11 is more expensive here too – nearly twice as expensive on some items as in China…. Bloody Italian Sparkling water…

Anyway at the end of the day I’ve spend somewhere in the neighborhood of three times my daily/rate of expenditure in China whilst in Hong Kong. That’s ok though – it’s not like I was saving my savings to buy anything special like birthday gifts for my family or anything *shrug & sigh*

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