Stealing Internet

stealing internet

In Macao trying my hand at a little low level gambling (I only have 200RMB in my pocket.) At the hotel they charge for internet – thought they were nice enough to include a 15 minute free access card with our room card. Gee thanks! You also need to go down to the lobby to use one of their computers. I refused to do that. So how you might ask am I writing this post from said hotel? Well I am in that lobby and I noted their computers were password protected. Ah ha! that must be their point of controlling access. So I yoinked the ethernet cord from the back of the tower and put it into my laptop. Mwahahha. Aye I can even access facebook from here sweeeet. Life outside the GFWC is grand.

What exactly is one supposed to do with 15 minutes of internet access.. well wait before let’s think about the experience of a potential user. In this day and age isn’t internet access right up there with access to water or air? It’s an essential part of our everyday lives and these places (this hotel isn’t unique in their practice) seem content to try and squeeze a little extra cash out of you for access to what has become a daily necessity. I would rather they say they don’t have internet access than to notify me that they do and then after insulting me with quotation on a daily/hourly rate to further irritate me with a “complementary” free 15-minute access card. Do you want me to sign in and out with my name and room number for this service? Are you going to chaperone me while I use to ensure I don’t go over my alloted 15 minutes. Viva la net!!! Someone needs to remind me to do something scumbaggy before I leave here… I know it’s a silly thing to get too aggrevated about but I’m venting.. safer than talking about other problems hehe.

For those of you that don’t know it’s a national holiday in China right now. They have from the 1st to the 6th off from work. This two day trip to Macao is a “team building” kick-off for our new staff and I guess an excuse for me, Mike, and John to go a little crazy – and probably not sleep. I’ve heard stories about this place :-D . Let’s see if I can make some of my own. I’ll be sure to leave any juicy bits of my adventure on here when I sober up.

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