Crazy China – Another Day in Paradise

Crazy China
Every day I feel a little less motivated to do this :)

China is crazy. That just about sums it up. I’ve been running several events in the Nanshan area this past month including Volleyball, a Chinese language corner, and a weekly social event. This past Sunday I learned one of my participants was late because his bus broke down. Nothing unusual about that right? Wrong! One need only ask what do you mean by ‘broke down’? Turns out the buses audio system had some wires crossed and was blaring a high pitched sound regardless of what volume the driver set it to. He was actually covering his ear with one hand while driving the bus. Everyone on the bus was holding their ears. Every red light the driver turned the bus off to ease the suffering momentarily but he eventually dumped everyone on the bus off in the middle of the street to fend for themselves.

Today, another glorious Monday was more of the same, it’s funny now there doesn’t seem anything wrong with carelessly bumping into people, spitting, getting scraped in the head by an umbrella arm end, watching a little girl drop a deuce onto a crushed plastic bottle, or seeing children cheerfully run around with no bottoms on. I remember last week when I finally managed to get a bank account set up in HK I managed to receive several disapproving gauks and scoffs when I bumped into people or accidently did something “uncivilized.” I thought it was hillarious – I guess I’m turning Chinese.

Then again I do get angry because some people can’t figure out how to use my toilet… and worse yet not having the common sense to clean it up afterwards. The shower is right there, you just need to turn it on and rinse the mess away – is it so difficult? Then again I must admit I’ve never seen some of the “accidental” spillage I’ve seen here before… how do they do it?? Perhaps I should post a sign on my door, “if you use it, leave it cleaner than you found it” Probably wouldn’t change anything but I’d feel a little better.

Gotta run for now but I’ll be sure to post Mondays and Thursdays moving forward – sorry for the 3 weeks of silence!!

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