HongKong and Back Again

Well I’m off to Hong Kong again this afternoon (hopefully) and I thought I would share the experience with you. In order to get across the boarder besides having your passport in order with the proper visas you’ll also need to fill out the following forms. o.. btw I’m going to open a bank account and attend this social / networking event

Hong Kong boarder crossing forms

A. 1x Chinese Immigration Departure & Arrival Card (slightly less convenient)
B. 1x Hong Kong Immigration Arrival & Departure Card (small & convenient)
C. 2x Shenzhen – Hong Kong Entry/Exit (aggrevatingly inconvenient and useless)

I usually fill these forms out beforehand as it can be quite a pain to do it while standing in line or running from bus to boarder to bus. I usually go through Huang Gang boarder (there are several ways to travel from SZ to HK you can see a thorough list of them here) The process is pretty straight forward, if not a little cumbersome, you first pass through the immigration at the Chinese boarder (leave china) – hop on the bus that takes you about 1/2 a mile to the entry station into HK (enter HK) – after your through there you get back on the bus which takes you to your final destination in HK. Rinse, Reverse, and Repeat for the return trip. You buy your bus ticket after passing through the Chinese border (you can buy 2 way tickets at a discount – tickets range in price from 35-55HKD one way & 50-85HKD two way)

Anyway, now that the logistics have been handled lets examine what I’m actually interested in sharing. Though I’ve gotten used to it more or less there is one phenomenon that seems to pervade no matter how meticulously I try to avoid it… the loud Cantonese cell phone user. You see once you get through the boarder hubbub you get to enjoy a nice 40min+ bus ride into HK wherein you would think you could take a quick nap or at least relax quietly by yourself. This is what happens – no matter where you sit he who knows not how to control the volume of his voice sits behind you. He then proceeds to receive or initiate a phone conversation a few minutes after departure that does not end until just before you arrive if not afterwards. Perhaps you think I’m being to sensitive or complaining unnecessarily… consider this – I covered my ears with my earlobs and shoved my fingers down my ear canal and I could still clearly make out every phenome these guys say. My pulse and his conversation as clear as a bell. I guess thats one vote for me against the Cantonese :) .

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