RIP Michael Jackson

RIP Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson – A World Mourns

Not that anyone doesn’t know at this point but yesterday the on the 25th of June 2009 Michael Jackson died at the age of 50. I was at first disheartened by the news. It came to me when I was out helping Michael with his booth at the convention center in nearby Futian district. In between handing out flyers and trying to motivate his staff to get out of their booth and hand out flyers Mike pulled up the big news on Google. I won’t bother linking anything because I’m sure for the next several months you’ll need nothing more than to type his name into any major search engine to find everything you want and more about the details surrounding his death.

His death brought with it to me a sublime and muted feeling of depression. I can’t say I ever would have admitted to have liking him as a person very much – through the “Wakko-Jacko” days… the lawsuit days… but I would be a liar indeed if I told anyone I didn’t have something of a closeted passion for some of his music. In many ways his music and lyrics were timeless – I’m by no means a music gooroo, just a casual fan that had an appreciation for his unique sound and infamy. Of all the albums I lost in my break up with my first serious girlfriend his was the only one that I cared enough to reclaim – well I did eventually get them all back… 5 years later – haha!

I contribute my experience of his work and music in my life in his honor, my friend commented to me earlier “it’s like a part of my childhood died,” I was inspired to agree. I can’t clearly remember the first time I heard the song “black or white” but I can identify the theme it resonated with in my spirit – it exists within me still. I suppose I could argue his music was an act of social activism against social injustice, and there are few things that can get me so completely saturated with fury and passion. I was and always will be a zealot for justice, even when I put off practicing those parts of myself for pragmatic reasons. “Man in the Mirror,” “Heal the world,” “Black or White,” some of my earliest stimulation of that cord – and they still do the trick today.

I was in awe of the global responce, even on a local level here in China, to his passing. His international infamy can be noted in publications and periodicals the world over – I read even the tabloids that had once so mercilessly attacked him during his lawsuit days were now praising him. I didn’t appreciate the full range, depth, and breadth of his influence and infamy until now – is there a man on the planet today that doesn’t know his name? A person even in the worst of combat plagued 3rd world countries that wouldn’t recognize his picture? I believe what is most important at the end of his life, from a cultural standpoint, is that he is remembered primarily as a positive influence – that he is recognized for what he brought to the world – not for any of the uglier parts of himself. We are – all of us – only human, I will remember him fondly, listen to him frequently, forgive him any transgressions and drink to his safe passage home. R.I.P. MJ


  • Echo Zhang

    i heared the song ”heal the world’ in the whole afternoon today.that is my favorate song of his. i just can not stop my tears. as you said,i did not appreciate the full range ,depth,and breadth of his influence and infamy.maybe for a long time, i just ignore all bad tings for him but now he is always be the image of healthy young handsome man in our heart with his music forever.

  • David

    Thanks for reading Echo! It’s sad to have to see him go – but he’ll be famous forever now! See you soon!

  • Jeanny

    Michael Jackson will be the greatest pop singer in the whole world. Everyone will miss him.