Google Hits the Chinese Chopping Block

Sites China is Blocking

So the earth is beginning to shake over here – at least in Chinese cyberland. The country, according to this press release today, has accused Google of “spreading pornography and breaking Chinese law.” Some of Google’s services have been popping on and off over the past couple days. Yesterday back at my apartment I was unable to access g-mail. Today search engine access began to get chopped off. Unbelievable – if you take the time to read the article you’ll also note that China is vying for mandatory installation of software to screen out pornographic sites. This software would need to be installed on all new computers after July 1 – its called “Green Dam Youth Escort.” I wouldn’t be at all surprised if a spoof porn site pops up in the near future bearing a randition of that name.

On the lighter side of things the article references China as the worlds current largest internet user base. Nice, makes me feel just that much better about uprooting myself and moving here. All the same, being in the IT industry makes me particularly sensitive to issues of blocking. Recently I’ve been contemplating the future of China concerning pornography and whether or not the Chinese people have a sexual revolution to look forward to, makes me curious about the history leading up to our own back in the States. What were the major contributing factors? Are their signs of such a radical change brewing in China? I’ll have to access that train of thought again sometime – could you imagine – can you even fathom the impact an event like that would have on China, I can promise you one thing, I would be as far from the focus of the government as possible if something like that begins to happen.

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