Blogger on China’s Bad List + Begger Rant

Bye Bye Blogger *sniff*

This is old news at this point but for those of you that are unaware blogger has been being blocked in China for somewhere in the neighborhood of a month. Proxies are allowing me to access and post at this point. I have plans to relocate this blog to my own domain using wordpress to circumvent this unfortunate mishap. I hope my posting of some “controversial” material pertaining to Tibet and Tian’an’ men square hasn’t provided justification for their blocking. Anything is possible – perhaps I should change my locks and adopt a disguise *chuckle*

A handy tunneling/proxy tool that I’ve heard was developed by an MIT engineer specifically for Chinese netizens is called Freegate it provides the fastest secure proxied connection I’ve seen. Even if your not located in China it may be useful to you for its ease of use. Opening the program automatically updates your network settings in IE/Google to utilize the proxy – closing it restores the original settings (thats usually just “Automatically find settings” in my Lan settings) Give it a go if your curious I’ve already passed it off to anyone I thought could make use of it.

My Apologies! Hot Hot Hot

So sorry for the long absence of posts, I promise to make up for it in the coming weeks! It’s really beginning to get hot over here – time for the body to adjust to the stand and sweat climate. I was out the other night with my American buddies and our discussions revolved around the appeal of saunas in this climate. There was a moment of agreement on how unnecessary they were and then Brent commented a collegue of his jested that he prefered sauna’s because their were no poor people in them (beggers etc.) Some mild-mannered chuckling followed – its true that even I have grown to lack any and all sympathy for beggers.

I suppose its not fair to say that on an individual level – the people who are on the street begging are truly unfortunate. However the sad fact of the matter is that they are most often employees of an inhumane enterprise that preys on the humanity of their fellow human beings. Taking children from birth and dismembering/burning/disfiguring them so as to increase returns when they ship them out to beg on the streets. I guess the correct thing to say would be that I will never give them money – perhaps food if I happen to be carrying any (O! we did give an elderly begger a bottle of beer several weeks ago) – there is very little righteousness in supporting an organization profiteering off of pity.

Here are some pictures illustrating some of the tactics, unfortuantely I’ve seen worse – I believe a man with a gaping wound on his leg, no skin at all covering 1/4 of his shin, you could visibly make out the difference in thickness of flesh covering his leg from the wound to undamaged level of skin – sad, sad, sad.

According to my very limited research and experience there are beggers who are legitimate, those of the organized type (often the most disgustingly disfigured) and those who really have no reason to beg save to make a little extra money on the side. It’s an ugly part of life that I hope will disintegrate with China’s rise out of poverty. P.S.- don’t buy flowers from the underaged salesboy who frequents the hooker bars, he will always find you again… 2nd hand experience of course, come now am I that sort of fellow! *chuckle*

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    Hi Bodyc I’ve been bad the past couple weeks but I’m trying to blog about twice a week :)