Suzhou, China

Today marks the 3rd day I’ve been in Suzhou. The city is about an hour outside of Shanghai by car and I must say is much more asthetically appealing than Shenzhen. Common consensus seems to conclude that it’s a great place to live though making money is a little more challenging than in SZ. Still, I was taken aback by how generally nice the place looks. They even have a traffic light specifically for bikers. I’ll spruce up this post with some pictures and video at a later date, connection speed in the hotel is a bit of a hamper to uploading. A couple noteworthy finds thus far have been a Cold Stone creamery in a nearby collection of higher end restaurants as well as animated (sortof) cross walk lights. (the little green man walks when the light is green.. he has two sets of led’s for one leg that alternate producing an animated “walking” figure). I’ll have to snap a quick video of that before I leave. Ah! I didn’t mention the elevator in the office building my father owns some office space in. You’ll have to check out the video I’m going to post here:

Suzhou Elevator – Watch more Funny Videos

As you can see it provides users with a simple numpad display in which you input your desired floor. The system then flashes the elevator number you need to report to accompanied by an audio prompt. When you enter the elevator there are no buttons for you to push to designate the floor you desire – there are only a couple buttons for open/close, emergency stop, and obligatory maintenance/fireman access controls. Maybe its not quite as entertaing as I thought it was – but you have to find some way of keeping yourself entertained, right?

Last night wasn’t too bad, had a few girls thrown into the mix so I had something to keep myself entertained. Around 3 or 4 we made our way to a coffee shop where I spent the first hour or so fighting off the urge to conk out. Though I could understand a good portion of what was being spat back in forth in Mandarin the usage of vocab I didn’t know and dry topic matter being covered motivated me not to bother straining to understand it. Angel showed up thereafter and we found eachother equally amusing.

Later that night we drove out to a nearby bar and I bumped into another friend of her’s Jenny

Camera and my Mandarin proved useful in making small talk and finding excuses to make everyone drink. A good night all and all, called it a night early on when most of the ladies decided to run off to another bar. Free peanuts can only do so much to keep me entertained. ;)

In other news, Intel is getting sued a record breaking 1.5billion, Google has to reshoot all of its google earth video in Japan as the locals are complaining of an invasion of privacy (resolution is to lower the mounting of the cameras in the cars 40cm). Twitter somehow managed to get some pretty sweet PR with a user flying into space and ‘twitting’ from the shuttle. Pig flu managed to find a 2nd “in” into China via a returning Chinese student from the US. He managed to get to all the hot tourist spots around Beijing before being commited to quarantine. I found it humourous journalists went so far as to timeline his entire trip, combine it with geographical data and produce a detailed visual representation of the combination. An extensive measure – understandable considering the clout the disease is causing in the media. Behold the power of fear. “20:30 call received from infectee – 21:00 infectee was picked up from station – 23:00 all of his personal belongings were disinfected (torched?)” So far none he’s come into contact with have shown any signs of the flu (reported as of Thu, Mar, 14). I spoke in brief with my father about why everyone such a big deal was being made about the flu. His arguement revolved around the power of fear to control people, mine was simply “Drug companies leveraging their power over the media and various organizations in power/with influence to bring it to the forefront of every major newspaper around the world – inducing fear and in turn massive rises in the sales of drugs and related products.” It was a half-hearted half-baked thought but that was the tone of our conversation anyway hehe.

For those of you that haven’t heard already there is a nifty toolbar available called minggl that allows you to manage several social networking sites from a single interface. A much needed addition to the SEO professionals toolbox. Check it out if your interested in something like that.

Streets of Suzhou

Streets of Suzhou – Watch more Funny Videos

Suzhou Restaurant

Suzhou – Watch more Funny Videos

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