Shenzhen Stats and Class Site Up & Running

Shenzhen Statistics

Current Population: 17million+
Urban Density: 10,105.0/km^2 (26,174.1/sq mi) (2007)
SEZ formed (Special Economic Zone): May 1, 1980
Total Land Area: 2,052km^2 (790 sq mi)
Urban Land Area: 395.81km^2 (152.8 sq mi)
Elevation: 25m (82ft) – Global warming flood proof ;) … maybe
Population @ end of 2007: 8,615,500
Internet Users: 253 million +

Global Population Snapshot

Current world Population: 6,773,021,184
China’s Population: 1,336,599,805 (1 in 5 baby 1 in 5)
USA Popluation: 306,206,895
For more China related stats you can check out the CIA public factbook on China

Class Site Up and Running

So I finally got my website up and running for Chinese. Please feel free to leave me feedback on what you feel could be done better and/or could be added to make the site a more valuable resource to those trying to learn the Chinese language.

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