Looking to Talk to Strangers? is an online chat that will randomly connect you with another online user and allows you to chat annonymously to any end you would like. There is no login or handle to worry about there is only “You” and “Stranger” that converse in cyberspace as mutually ignorant parties. Take a look at the official blog to learn more about whats going on with this webpage.

There is a lot of potential for Leif K-Brooks to make a good deal of money if he can find a way to monetize his traffic. I can think of no short list of ways to do this and I wish him all the best going forward. Maybe if I can open up a dialogue with him I can hitch a ride to the top with him hahah. There is a running dialogue on his blog about it possibly being a copy of which I’ll have to take a look into when I get a moment. For now I’m going to get back to discussing nonesense with disembodied voices. Ciao!
FYI – you can also check out for a more detailed blog entry about Omegle.

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