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Swine Flu O No!

This current even seems to be shaking everything up and I’ve had some trouble finding out some basic information about the disease so I did a little googling I thought I’d share with everyone. Here is an informative document about some specifics of the disease. It eased some of my concerns and gave me some much needed clarity on the issue. Don’t worry it’s not the plague its merely a new strain of flu virus which can be combated with traditional flu prevention methods.

As outlined in the article you can take the following steps to safeguard yourself (sorry germaphobes I will not go into exaggerated detail)

  1. Keep your hands washed and sanitized
  2. Avoid being near others who might be sick to avoid breathing droplets they have sneezed or coughed, or touching something they have touched
  3. When you greet others, consider not shaking their hands or hugging or kissing them during this time.
  4. If you have travel plans, do some due diligence and consider changing plans if you will be traveling to an area where cases of swine flu, even possible cases of swine flue, have been identified

The disease is spread exactly like any other flu virus, contact with contagious people, contact with infected bovine (pigs are still smarter than dogs), and airborne droplets from sneezes and such (cover your mouth dammit!). Unfortunately its nature seems to favor giving those of us with healthier immune systems a harder time than those usually more at risk (babies, childeren, elders, and those with compromised immune systems).

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  • Mike Michelini

    oink oink!!!! haha – thanks for teaching me, master!

  • Philippe

    i speak Spanish and just sneezed thinking of a burrito – should i be worried?

  • SHUO

    Hi,surprised to know you’re in shenzhen also.

    Nice blog.Keep that up.

    Greeting from Shenzhen.^^

  • Dave

    Thx Shuo, appreciate you taking the time to read.