Baidu 10 Mythical Creatures

The following entry is a tribute to the article linked in the title of this entry.

For anyone that has spent a significant amount of time in China working with the Chinese people this net roots development is inspiring. Why? you might ask – well one of the biggest problems you will run into trying to work with the Chinese is their collective lack of creative problem solving skills – this applies to all arenas of life, business and otherwise. These Baidu 10 mythical creatures were created as a satirical backlash from chinese netizens against the censurship of many words/sites online. In a humorous display of creative defiance they have created mythical creatures with names sounding equivolent to chinese swear words/slang. They also created accompanying explanations/stories of these animals which cleverly refer to the swear/slang words meaning in some fashion. I personally applaud the creativity and hope to see more, hopefully more tasteful applications, of such creativity in the future.

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