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The 10 Day MBA 
Day 2
Having mastered the art & science of marketing in Day 1 *hahaha* today I must venture into the world of Ethics. I find the book thus far useful if not a bit overzealous in its claim as a “step-by-step guide to mastering the skills taught in America’s top business schools” Don’t get me wrong it does seem to have all the fundamental concepts present however it does not provide or grant you access to the experience and practice that are vitally necessary to “mastering” the 9 core MBA disciplines. I’ll be sure to give my 2 cents upon completion of the book – which with any luck will be the 21st of February. *make appropriate thinking face* Perhaps an online database of examples of the various processes as well as some well thought out exercises would do the book some good. Never underestimate the value of doing good homework in any matter of life. For those of you that haven’t I highly recommend reading from about “II” to the paragraph beginning with “Books are the best of things, well used” of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s “The American Scholar” it sums up my thoughts on the usage/value of books pretty well. By the by you really ought to take some time to go through another of his works entitled “Self-Reliance” I don’t think there is an employer on the planet who wouldn’t think more of you for having read it, not to mention 
Good Morning Teacher 
It would seem that my english skills are of in some demand here – to date I have two tentative arrangements to do some part time work tutoring chinese students in the ways of american english – not to be confused with the “cheeky” british english that is typically force fed to them throughout their formal education. I can’t think of a single time when I’ve even heard of an english speaking person refer to a truck as a “dolly” or a bloody stroller as a “pram”. I found this amusing British Life and Culture site while googling – you may want to reference lest you never know what I mean when I call you a “ruddy ploughman eating pillock” 

Chinese Cultural Frustrations – How Increadibly Inconsiderate!

You can bet that if you spend any reasonable amount of time in urban developed (or more accurately put developing) China you will find yourself in many instances breathing in 2nd hand smoke in areas you would normally assume a degree of courtesty would be exercised. Now let me first acknowledge that I in particular have a healthy distain for smoking – and an even greater intensity of that feeling towards those that act without concern for others whilst smoking. That said the last time I was in the elevator a gentleman (a**h@le muthafu#*a) *cough* thought it prudent to enter the elevator with a lit butt and puff away in the small confines of our vertical community transport. He maintained the all too familiar distantanced demeanor as he went about his motions. It seemed all degrees of intensity of my cold stare went unnoticed – my release culminated with the raising of my middle finger in his general direction as he walked out of the building, this also went unnoticed. I suppose the act was done purely to satisfy my rage, not much else I can do – that is until my Chinese is at a level where I can tactfully express my opinion to those inconsiderate folk. 
This is another peice of the puzzle you will come to know in time should you venture long here – derived from the peoples historic experience – their lingering tendancy to distance themselves from the moments and realities they are existing in. The tendancies potency seems to have a direct correlation to the social position of the person (ie the poorer / harder the life the more distanced). Of course take a nice big grain of salt with that as it is a generalization. However this phenomenon I tend to sympathize with – their are parts of their social history which haven’t exactly been supportive of individualism and were so unbareable distancing was necessary to get by. Google the cultural revolution if your unfamiliar – much to be learned from one of Chairman Mao’s last tragic gifts to the Chinese people. Just kidding I love you Chairman Mao – *smile for the nice chinese secret service man.