Mini-Moto Goodness

The Little Moto that Could
Glorious! Just you wait ’till I get a chance to tear up the streets of Shenzhen with this little puppy. I’m going to make 20mph look good. Adding this little baby to my two sets of roller blades and bike I can now accomodate a total of 4 people on my weekend rides. I suppose that means I’ll need to recruit another friend…. a minor chore to attend to when I find some time.
In other News

Yesterday marks the 1st day of teaching english to young children for me. It was highlighted by one of my young Chinese students drawing a picture of me with a dunce hat on and the kids paying more attention to a balloon than to me the entire time. On the positive side the one and only girl I have in my class seems to be particularly studious… at least for a 9 year old. Fear not young ones I will find the courage and tenacity to tame you for your educational benefit soon enough! Let no man say that teaching children between the ages of 5 and 18 is an easy task – it is anything but.