Happy Chinese New Year 新年好!

So begins my account of my adventures over the Chinese new year. For those of you that don’t know the Chinese holiday extended from January 26th to about February 2nd. The holiday is heavily populated with fireworks, family gatherings, community events and a shmorgasborg of other celebratory customs. 

1-27-09 The Boat, The Fireworks, and the Fishing Line

I was fortunate through the good graces of my father and his friendship with some of the more successful Hong Kong people to spend the 27th on the water in HK harbor. Not only did I get to fish my very first blowfish out of the sea (though I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it once I had it out of the water.. what is it they say.. something about humans and fearing the unknown.) but I got to witness the entire fireworks display from a great vantage point.

My first treat was to steer the boat around once we got out of the harbour. You can see my goofy-ass captaining this poor vessle if you’d like. I also did a brief boat tour before running topside to sit in the captains seat. If you happen to be extreamly bored (lucky you) feel free to watch this o so entertaining video of the traditional lion dance I took while bobing up and down in the water waiting for the fireworks to start.

Back to the fireworks – I managed to get most of the exploding goodness on video, thought I have to apologize for the choppiness – the sea was quite determined not to let me have stable footing. It was o so lovely minus the lack of wind which left half of the sky stage clouded with smoke. You can see that pretty clearly in the second video I took. The finale was ooooo! and aaaaaahhh!! inspiring as always. If you do happen to be clicking through these video’s and notice the odd beeping sound between fireworks blasts your not imagining things – thats just the boat whining because one of its motors broke after eating my uncle’s fishing line.

Ah yes the final leg of my sea tale yaharrg harr harrg! *ahem. I’ve been resisting doing that – be nice – you’d enjoy it too if you got the chance to say it. Anyway apparently whilst we were fishing before we mosey’d over to our chosen spot to view the fireworks my uncle had managed to get his fishing line sucked up by one of the motors (mind you this was some cheap stuff I’m talking about). Suffice to say it ended up taking out one of the aforementioned motors and we had to get picked up by a nearby touring yacht which brought us to shore @ Causeway bay. My uncle (the gent in the “Captain David” video called Kelvin by my father ) was none to happy about that.

Wandering Aftermath

After getting ashore and saying our goodbye’s to our relatives (take this term loosly you have to remember I’m talking within a Chinese context wherein “uncle” literally translates into “friend of father” :-) my father and I decided to add a little mischief to our evening. He called up my uncle KP who was in town with his son Roger and we made our way to a pub called The Groom and Carriage which was conveniently located next to such bars as “The Pussy Cat” and “Bottoms Up” as well as “Club Bunny,” I’m going to assume no explanation is necessary. Hey a little eye candy after pounding down some no-longer US owned Budweisers can’t do any harm… can it? 

After much adult-level giggling and other conversational goodies of like quality we said our goodbyes infront of The Pussycat Bar and groggily made our way back to the Wanchai bus station to hitch a ride back to Shenzhen. Not much to highlight save the usual inhebriated arguements about who’s perspective is right and who’s was wrong when it came to explaining our families condition (don’t worry I’ll spare you the details). Luckily a pair of abnoxious chinesefolk refused to shut up in the seats behind us on the way back and it managed to draw the majority of my father’s attention away from said topic. One day we’ll get that all figured out ;)

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