Fury, Factories, and Friendship

Violence in Dreamland

Last night I had a series of rather violent dreams. The first of which involved something of a perverted bully that was making young children do unspeakable things and a blindfolded ematiated and discoloured young woman bleeding from various locations and moving in an eerie fashion. I think that set closed with the bully getting bitten ‘you know where’ by one of the children he was abusing – spitting on the kid then knocking over the blindfolded girl and preparing to do well … you can do the math. 
Then there was a long dream in which I was essentially irate the whole time and was yelling at my mother to tell the truth about who my father was. In my anger I left the world of normal behavioral constraints (I remember deciding this internally) and yelled “I’ll smash this fucking chair I don’t even care anymore – it doesn’t matter” then I grabbed this chair (I actually kind of liked it – was a wooden folding chair) and proceeded to ask her how she’d like me to destroy it. Receiving no reply I smashed it on the brick and placed it on a small pile of burning wood that was in the immediate area (don’t ask I have no idea why). I think this vision died out with Dan Akroid in a fireman’s suit getting dragged up a snowy slope away from his wrecked firetruck. I think I punched him at some point for not admitting something. If I had to guess I would say about being my father. 
The tone of the entire episode was emotionally exhuasting and I actually woke up in the middle of the night with a sizeable amount of pain in my chest. 

Chinese PCB Supplier Visits

Sorry there isn’t a sexier way of entitling this part but that is pretty much what I spent Mon and Tues of this week doing. A client of a client (lovely how straightforwarded some of these business relationship is isn’t it?) who is in the business of producing GPS cards joined me and my collegue to venture out to inspect 3 chinese PCB factories. This type of arrangement is atypical as we usually only deal with our customer that in turn deals with his customers, but the circumstances were such that this particular client of a client needed to see our customers chinese operations first hand. Get all that? 
This was at first unnerving as this typically exposes us to some risk in that unless this GPS card producer is a solid fellow of principal he could very well make moves to try and cut us out of the picture and go directly to our suppliers. This is the usual fear when dealing with any kind of CM (contract manufacturer) directly. For clarification on the Offshore Procurment Office Solutions we provide for PCB Manufacturers in the East take a look at our website. That should give those of you interested an idea of the business I am in.

Anyway the trip wasn’t too exciting, company paid breakfast, lunch and dinner interspersed with long car rides and factory visits. Watching chinese sales staff use their very best english to communicate with my GPS card producing business associate. Along the way I was exposed to the usual PCB jargon which I’m becoming more familiar with as well as some gems of insight – bestowed upon me by said GPS card producer. An experience well worth the time invested. When time permits I’ll create a more detailed report of these event on a blog I tend to target that industry with.

DIY MBA Update

Haven’t cracked the book since Day 2 so I’m unfortunately a little bit behind (sad face) I’ll begin tackling this puppy again later today time permitting.

New Friendship

So I made a new friend over the past couple weeks! Later I’ll be sure to give myself a cookie and complementary gold star for the accomplishment. An interesting girl who hails from China and spent 6 years in France going to school and learning the local language. So why would I bother reporting this you might ask. Well its quite simple really – she happens to read this blog and will probably be giggling/get red when she reads this and I’m sure I’ll have to be properly repremanded for the infraction – a mutually beneficial act of retribution. Glorious!

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